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~april~~~ ~~~march~~~~

Okay, so last Friday we went to Kenneth's happy hour which was fun. I had invited my sister, but she said she couldn't go. Then later on I got a call from her saying that she was there, and didn't recognize anyone! Mike and I got there about 40 minutes after she did. It was fun to see Edk, since he works somewhere else now, and even Kallen showed up with a friend of hers from work. I didn't get to talk to Kenneth much, but that's nothing new. And Mike bought a ton of books at Green Apple, one of which he left over here so I could read it.

On Saturday a few of us went to Trader Vic's for one of the official birthday celebrations. The drinks were super yummy, as was all the food. It was really nice to be with a few good friends for my birthday celebration, instead of having a huge party like I have in past years. Also, all the gifts I got were great. I didn't have to pretend to like anything! It was perfect. All my birthdays should be so good.

I'm super excited to read that Nutella might come back here! It would be very exciting to be able to go to tea with him on a regular basis! Yay!

I think I had the best birthday ever this year. On Wednesday, we had game night as usual, but Toby came over, in addition to the normal people, and I got a cake from Liberty. It was citrus cake, with raspberry cream filling, covered in chocolate ganache. Mmmmmm. We only played Apples to Apples, because there were more people than normal, and because we spent most of the night socializing.

On Thursday, my actual birthday, Mike took me out to dinner at Liberty. Their August menu is great. We split what's basically a Caprice salad made with heirloom tomatoes. Man, those tomatoes were delicous! We definately need to go back this month and get that again. After dinner Mike gave me my present which was a Mac mini! Sooo exciting and Soooo cute! We put it together right away. My old Linux desktop box is out, and the Mac mini is so in. I've spent the last few days configuring it, with lots of help from Mike! And, I'm also having to learn how to navigate and use a Mac, since the last Mac I owned was in 1993. OS X is *much* better!