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I can't believe I never studied Cesar Chavez during my California public school career. I mean, of course I never studied Cesar Chaves during my California public school career! This is, you see, the same education system that got me to college without knowing what the Mason Dixon line was. But hey, maybe Cesar Chavez was covered in the two years of high school that I didn't attend.

This comes up now because I'm taking a class in which, as part of a group project, we have to do a "Leadership Presentation," on the leader of our choice. It just having been Cesar Chavez day (I heard a bit on NPR about it), I nominated him for my groups leader. He won out over the dead Pope, Shirley Chisholm, a Filipino politician I'd never heard of, and some other folks, both alive and dead, mostly because Jorge and I voted for him, and every other leader only had one vote. So, anyway, I'm reading a biography of him, as opposed to doing web searches (I'm on the web enough at work), and it's a great book.